In a digital threat landscape where businesses are constantly playing catch-up with new attack vectors and vulnerabilities, the best defense is being prepared and proactively securing all access points.

Phishing scams are the missiles of this evolving world: the most popular delivery mechanism for cyber criminals.

While phishing mails are commonplace, the complexity and attention to detail that is employed in phishing scams is increasing consistently. The precision of language and context used in such campaigns have made them nearly impossible to identify for the average employee.

The first step to protect your organisation is proactively work against phishing. To combat this sophistication in attacks, organisations are looking to enable employees to anticipate attacks, with simulations of real world scenarios.

VPhish is the perfect solution to this need

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What makes VPhish Special

Popular malware like ransomware or wipers can prove extremely detrimental to a company. What facilitates these attacks in most scenarios is a phishing attack. Nipping such attacks in the bud can comprehensively safeguard your organisation against imminent attacks.

Ease of use, variety and a good reporting mechanism are crucial when it comes to creating the perfect phishing simulator. Here are some key features of Vphish that make it ideal as the first step to remediate your cybersecurity challenges.

  • Simple, intuitive platform for administrators to use
  • Support for English and Arabic
  • Customisable email campaigns and landing pages
  • Support for Multiple scenarios: Data Entry, Drive By, Attachment (Maybe we can show screengrabs of what each does and link here)
  • Integrated LMS
  • Continuous Phishing Awareness Monitoring
  • On-premise implementation
  • Phishing simulation as Managed Service

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