VPhish Cloud Services

Focus on your core security activities, while we manage your internal social engineering needs. Simulated Phishing need not be your core operations activity either within your Information Security setup or team. However, the understanding the awareness levels of your employees means a lot to secure your organisation from Phishing.

A proactive outsourcing of your Phishing simulation to us will reduce the overheads and phishing done by a team of experts will be an icing in the top.

Our team of experts will understand your organisation structure, the teams, and people. We will execute Phishing campaigns for you, alleviating the pain of you drafting templates and sending mails and keeping track of the campaign progresses.

Our team of experts will execute campaigns periodically for you or on need basis. On successful completions we will consolidate user responses and send you detailed Social Engineering reports based on Phishing that will have actionable intelligence for targeted training and improve your Organizational Phishing awareness.


How do we do it:

  • Establish agreements with your security team for conducting your Awareness Assessment Needs
  • Collect information about your people assets; Organizational structure, Teams, departments, People, Interests, Age, Office Locations etc.
  • Classification of users are made
  • Discussion and approval on targeted Phishing scenarios that will suit your team/s
  • Awareness Contents customized with your organisation branding elements
  • Mock campaigns are drafted, and test mails sent
  • On your approval, campaigns will be executed
  • Results are collated with numbers sliced and diced to collect actionable intelligence


  • Phishing campaign drafted and executed by experts
  • Emulates most recent phishing attack techniques and strategies
  • Alleviates the pain in running non-core operations
  • Consolidated Reports with actionable intelligence
  • Targeted and customized training materials

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